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Benefit of SEO in eCommerce

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Anyone involved with SEO, or indeed anybody with experience, knows that SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is an incredibly important part of online advertising. Ecommerce sites rely on great marketing. They offer millions of products and millions of links, which means that managing an SEO strategy can often be time consuming and difficult – but it’s necessary.

By having optimised content on the product description pages of your online website store, you will be increasing traffic to the page. This is one of the most important things you can do. Product description pages contain some of the most vital information on the whole website.

This page is where your customers will be able to find out what the product does, have a look at photographs, specifications, read reviews and take a look at the pricing options. It’s also where your customer will make a decision about purchasing the product, which is incredibly important!

You need to be careful of duplicate content problems, however. This is a common problem. Companies that are selling the same product might use your product description on their own website – and if you allow this, then you lose your identity and will haemorrhage sales. So remember, if you allow other websites to sell your products, then you need to ensure that they are using their own unique product descriptions and their own keywords. Furthermore, don’t use the manufacturer’s product description, if you’re selling someone else’s product! Everyone else uses it, so it’s pretty pointless you doing the same.

You should also ensure that you use SEO friendly internal link networks. This is incredibly important, as it allows search engine spiders to crawl through your sites. You should ensure that the sidebar on your homepage is used to link to your category pages, and you should also make certain that there is an organised structure on your website that lists all of your products and online shop categories. This allows for simple user interaction and makes your site more user friendly.

Finally, don’t have a complicated URL. If you want to be successful, then you need a short and snappy URL that includes keywords. If you use a long and complicated address then users will not be able to relate to your brand, will not know soon enough what you sell. Remember, SEO is all about keywords but don't over cook it – use your keywords whenever you can so that you can increase your online presence!

Brave Creative Peterborough offer a full digital service, which means in this instance, we not only build for SEO we can also optimise for SEO.

Call Peterborough 01733 602020 now to discuss SEO strategies.

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